Here we go Kindergarten

Alexanders first week of school was a success!.


Every morning on our way to school I remind him of how he needs to be a good listener, show respect for others, eat his food before the Oreos (I’m hoping he actually does), and we say a prayer.

As he unbuckles his seatbelt he says              “Bye Mom”
He’s closing the door “Bye Mom!”.
He’s walking away and his “Bye Mom!!” gets louder. Finally, one final “Bye Mom!!!” off the top of his lungs as he walks through the front gate. The other moms and staff just look at him and smile. Oh the joy he brings me. I take in every minute of it because the day will come when things will change.  Trust me that day WILL come!

Bed time has been a breeze! I actually thought we were going to have a hard time as we didn’t start the routine weeks prior as recommended. Bed time routine starts at about 8:00 pm and he’s usually asleep by 9:00pm (excluding church nights). Oh and I’m all about routine and writing on a physical calendar as we have so much going on over here.

Next week is “Meet the Teacher Night” though I did get to meet and chat with her a bit this week as I purposely picked him up a little late. She tells me he has a lot energy (all my kids have lots of energy LOL) is eager to learn, and participates. I can see the love she has for teaching and children, though I don’t think Alexander quite saw that. He told me his teacher is mean because she didn’t let him eat his candy. I’m pretty sure he got it out of his lunch box during class time, which is why I explained that there is rules we have to follow. Needless to say he loves recess and let’s not forget he loves to have lunch at the “Cafe” is what he calls it.


Gladly I’m adjusting to the drive just fine, as we do have a 15 minute drive to school. We decided to transfer him out of our school district and enrolled him in a charter school that offers a Dual Language Immersion Program where he will learn to speak, read, and write Spanish. Well one week down and many more to go!


Author: herheartisfull

Hi I'm Veronica, I'm a 36yo SAHM to 5 amazing kids here in Southern California. I've been married to my High School Sweetheart for 19 amazing years. I actually thought we were done having kids until I got baby fever and was really wanting a girl! Now that she's here we are definitely complete. Hope you join us in our many adventures in parenthood.

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