Answered Prayer

Have you ever prayed so hard to only feel as though you are not being heard?

Years ago I recall praying fervently morning, day, night and -well pretty much every second of the day, thinking that if I prayed “a lot” God would respond sooner. That wasn’t case.

-Everything will come in its due time according to His will.

I prayed for a daughter. I dreamed of putting bows in her hair, playing dress up, shopping, getting a mani-pedi and the list goes on. Fast forward 13 years and 4 handsome boys later, God blessed me with a girl. She’s almost the big TWO and well she has a lot of  P•E•R•S•O•N•L•I•T•Y

Glad I didn’t lose faith in prayer, so I dare you not to lose faith!

“Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you -Mark 11:24


Bow: Denver Darlings Tee: Brave.littleones  Moccs: Hudsonsapparel


Author: herheartisfull

Hi I'm Veronica, I'm a 36yo SAHM to 5 amazing kids here in Southern California. I've been married to my High School Sweetheart for 19 amazing years. I actually thought we were done having kids until I got baby fever and was really wanting a girl! Now that she's here we are definitely complete. Hope you join us in our many adventures in parenthood.

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